Complete Technology Services Orlando Providing complete solutions and services in technology.

CTS - Who We are

Complete Technology Services, or CTS for brevity, is more than just geeks who know technology and how to deliver it. CTS has real world business experience and understands that making profits, cutting costs, working smarter and maintaining a solid reputation are all important parts of who you are in your own business. We are personal and care about your business. We communicate our care and understanding in non-technical ways.


We understand the marriage of technology and business and how to avoid glitter that doesn't impact your bottom line. Technology should make your business run better and achieve higher profits. We help clients achieve their goals through our knowledge and experience.

We use our business background to adapt technology into deliverables that meet your needs. We will provide the technology services so your business prospers.

Experience - By the Numbers

  • 22 years in IT administration on for-profit and non-profit organizations
  • 8 years in Operational and Logistical expertise
  • Businesses that range from small to Fortune 50

The Bottom Line

Everybody in technology can show you the latest and greatest cool stuff. It can wow you, it can also be complicated or confusing to what you do. In the end, do you want to spend a lot of time and money being wowed, or do you want to wow your customers and make money in an efficient manner?

CTS understands that technology is awesome, but it must deliver something valuable in an effective way. CTS believes that value can be many things, your time, your profits, what you must devote to attaining those things. CTS wants to deliver things that give you what is important. And that should be decided by you, not technology. So together, with CTS, let's make technology work for you and let's make it your best employee. This is our sales pitch, this is our philosophy, this is at our core value.