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We want to give you a better understanding of our abilities and experience and some of the common business technology needs. By no means are we limited to these services, we offer these and many more.

More CTS technology services


Disaster Planning & Recovery
Do you have a valid written plan should the unthinkable ever occur? How long would it take to get your business back to operational? Not only will it give you some piece of mind, but should you need it, you will have a stable plan to follow when other stresses take your attention. You may even get insurance discounts for having a written disaster plan. CTS can develop a written plan that covers every aspect of technology along with contacts and part information for replacing everything along with current costs. Even the parameters for restoring working order to every piece of technology should be a part of this along with backups of these parameters in electronic format. You should have at least 2 copies (one outside of the business premises and easily accessible) of this and update it regularly.
  Data & Phone Cabling
There still is no faster and more secure method of connecting people and computer systems than cable. Whether it is wire for your phones or data devices or fiber or a combination of both, CTS has a solution that fits your situation and the experience to install it for you.

Wireless Access Management
There is no doubt about it, wireless network/internet access is here to stay. It is a highly flexible and convenient form of connectivity. With that convenience comes the price of compromise on security. Protecting your data means protecting your wireless network so that you can use it and hackers cannot. Let us help you make this critical component of your business work simply for you and protect you from unwanted intrusions.
Routers, Firewalls & Network Device Management
These are the devices that connect you to each other and the world. CTS has experience making sure you can go where you need to and protect you from others who don't belong in your network or your business. Each device has a purpose and when set up and managed effectively you prosper because it just works as designed and so do you.
  Secure Public Wireless Access
The modern customer oriented business shares their wireless system with their customers. Customers have come to expect this type of service. When you offer this service to your customers, you should expect them to be on the outside of your business processes and not detract from your ability to conduct electronic business. We can do that...protect you and let you offer service that puts you above your competitors.
Point Of Sale Support
Retail or Food Service, CTS has installed maintained and managed data transition into accounting systems. Don't lose time and money learning how to do anything but service your customer with your POS systems. Allow CTS to make it the tool for your business it is supposed to be.
  Phone - Tablet - PC Integration
Chances are you have thought about having a tablet or a smart phone to be more connected to your business and able to attach to your information from anywhere. The challenge is each device may connect differently or use different programs to interface with your data. CTS can help remove any frustration and give you confidence that you have multiple ways to conduct business electronically.
A Chinese proverb says give a man a fish, feed him for a day, teach him to fish and give him a lifetime of food. At CTS, we have knowledge to share and the ability to share it in helpful ways. We can teach anything to your level of comfort so that you are less reliant on us. While that sounds counterintuitive as a business practice, we don't see it that way. We are here to help you, not help ourselves to you and your resources. With technology steadily evolving, we learn and we teach. We want you to embrace technology so that you can prosper because of it. We will teach you to fish, but we will still be a resource for nets', line and good fishing spots & we'll help you build a boat if you decide. We can teach you and your employees how to be more productive with the software you have and if you want, how to manage your own technology systems. We will always be here to back you up.

This list is just the beginning. You may even be thinking about new areas you haven't addressed. Please contact us and let's talk about anything you can dream and we will find an effective technological solution for it. We will give you options and information and you make decisions as a well informed business leader.
  Telephone System Management & Planning
Do you need to manage voice mail, add extensions, new hire setups? Has a former employee modified an extension and now it is barely useable? Or perhaps you are planning to expand. Does your voicemail system backup? We have experience with many types of phone systems and can take the headaches and time spent trying manage or repair them. We are a cost effective solution that can have you focusing on your customers and services.We can help you do all this and more.

Telephone System Installation
If you are starting from scratch or upgrading what you have, CTS can help you decide and plan for your growth. We can keep costs down by not allowing vendors to sell you what you don't need or won't work without upgrades. We have been involved in leading multiple phone system installations. We can also set up the latest IP phones so that you can take your office anywhere. Let us help you find and install the right business tool to meet all your communication needs from the start.