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Below, we list some of the standard services meeting the needs of most businesses. Don't worry if you don't see what you are looking for here. We most likely offer it, we just want to discuss the basics here so that you are comfortable in who we are and what we do. CTS is able to deliver every one of these services in expert and economical fashion all derived from years of experience performing them in working environments.

Malware and Virus Removal File and data protection  Server managment

Malware/Virus Prevention  & Removal 


Data Protection


Server Management 

The key here is to never get a virus or malware infection on your computer. But let's face it, there are nasty techniques to infect computers out there. CTS works on prevention through technology and simply training people. Still, even the most prudent people manage to get an infection on their computer. When this happens, you want experience, not only to remove it, but to return your computers to their optimum working condition with minimal productivity loss due to data loss or a damaging system restore. Our experience allows us to remove malware without starting over for you. We save the computer so you save time. 95% of the time a few hours of experience in this area can save you many more hours of time & money in hidden recovery costs.    Also known simply as Backup & Recovery. Nothing in technology is more valuable than your data. Even if you spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on technology, the data you have is not replaceable while the technology is. CTS follows a simple philosophy related to Murphy's Law (Anything that can happen, will). This equates to have an effective backup strategy that removes as much human intervention as possible. It also means KNOWING that you can restore a backup, because backup is only part of the equation. In our experience, with Murphy's Law, when you have a fully working backup system, you have less problems. Trust us, there is no simpler method of reducing technology problems.    CTS has years of daily management experience on the Microsoft Server line of products. File services, Database server administration (SQL), MS Exchange, Application Servers, Virtual Servers, Email filtering (Spam), Email archiving, and network attached storage (NAS) have all been specified, procured, installed and maintained by CTS personnel. Experience saves you time and money. Get your servers back in top shape and have them doing what they do best, serving and protecting your data needs. CTS will be your on-call IT department serving your needs according to your will. 
Remote access and cloud    Computer upgrade and repair    More CTS technology services 

Remote Access/Office 


Systems Repair & Upgrades 


More Services 

Do you need to be on the move and in front of your customers while needing access to all your office systems? When you are home, do you need to connect to your office to do some minor things and save the drive in? Do you have employees that can work remotely and save you money? All of these things are possible and remarkably cost effective. Every company has telecommuting within reach of their budgets. Connect to your office safely and securely from anywhere at anytime and from any device.    CTS upgrades and repairs computers, servers, laptops, printers & more. Save money upgrading memory, video, processor or just cleaning up your systems. CTS can diagnose and repair server issues that are software/OS related or hardware issues. We will do it without negatively affecting your operations. If need be, maintenance can be scheduled during your non-peak hours or when your office is shut down.  Get extra years out of your equipment without replacing it. CTS can evaluate what you have and give you a reliable plan on how to increase service life and the long term savings.   
  • Data & Phone Cabling
  • Routers, Firewalls & Network Device Management
  • POS Support (Retail & Food Service)
  • Wireless Access Management
  • Secure Private/Public Network
  • CC Processing
  • Telephone Systems
  • Training
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