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Complete Technology Services (CTS) is a full service technology company. We service, build and install computers, servers, wireless systems, networks, firewalls,  telephones and more. We remove malware and recover from the attack and protect from recurrence. We install and repair cable. We offer remote management of your systems to reduce costs. We install security systems. We can also help you with Point of Sale systems. If it involves technology and business, we can do it professionally, timely and from experience saving you time and money.   Serving Technology in Metro Orlando
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What is Here...

  You will find snippets of information on CTS, technology in general and our philosophy on that. You will also find straight talk about what we do and what we offer. You will find honest dialog addressing common issues and solutions. You came here to check us out, take a look around and get comfortable, then contact us. You will be happy you did.

What is Not Here...

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We didn't make this web site to wow some fortune 500 company executive. We wrote our words to speak to you, personally. We keep it simple and to the point. And that is how we will serve you, so...We skipped the fluff. We skipped the fancy banners. We skipped hiding behind flashing objects. We hope you don't mind what is missing, we just want to communicate directly and effectively and let simple and effective sell CTS.